Trip to Lekėčiai

Have you ever heard of traditional Lithuanian Branchie, or do you know their origin and history?

Let’s take a look around the Kaunas district, Lekėčiai village, where we will find authentically baked Branchie. So how did it all begin?

“Branchie”, also called baumkuchen, is one of the most popular culinary heritage bakery in Lithuania. Baking of the first baumkuchens, which homeland is considered to be Germany, commenced 600 years ago. This dessert dish in Lithuania at the end of XIX century and the start of XX century was pioneered by monks, who gave it the “Baumkuchen” name, which translated from German language means “tree pie.

Spruce-like branches is what makes Lithuanian “branchie” differ from German baumkuchen. According to old traditions, croissant is baked for around 2 – 3 hours in a round roller made from oak or ash which is placed above wood stoked fireplace, gradually pouring liquid dough made of eggs, butter, flour, cream and sugar into the roller. Roller whirled in rapid motion is what makes branches “grow” out of the cake, this is why in Lithuania this delicacy is called “branchie”, while in Zanavykija region it was always called – croissant.

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